Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Can Cook Smarter.

Imagine this.

You have a secret potion that you can consume, over time. It will make you smarter, happier, and healthier -- all while tasting great and looking beautiful.
Too good to be true?

Maybe not, according to Katz and Edelson, the brains behind The Healthy Mind Cookbook.

While many cookbooks focus heavily on foods and recipes that make you thinner or more beautiful, Katz and Edelson take a different focus in The Healthy Mind Cookbook -- one that looks at mood, memory, and mental functioning.

Beginning with several chapters that outline the role of nutrition on stress, anxiety, cognition, learning, and mood, The Healthy Mind does an excellent job detailing the benefits of every day foods, with a strong focus on mental health and general well-being. Chapter 2 in particular, titled "The Culinary Pharmacy," serves as a handy reference tool for the mental perks ranging from "Allspice" to "Yogurt," which leads to a chapter on the basics of taste and flavor in healthy foods.

And then the real fun begins, with chapters of beautifully illustrated recipes, focused on soups, vegetables, meats, "anytime foods," beverages, and even desserts. While I wish that each recipe contained its own gorgeous photograph, the ones that were included were fresh and vibrant enough to lure me into the kitchen.


The Healthy Mind Cookbook is a beautiful cookbook that will surely inspire readers to cook more intelligently and happily than ever before, using fresh, mostly organic ingredients that are sure to do a body good --- and hopefully the brain as well. Regardless, it will look amazing on my book shelf, and will hopefully encourage me to add more vegetables and nuts to my next meal.

I received an advanced reader's copy of this cookbook from the 'Blogging for Books' program. All thoughts are my own and are not influenced by the manner in which the work was received.